Belle & Jason

As a wedding photographer before every wedding there is a level of excitement mixed with anxiety about what your day will hold. That crazy weekend back in March where venues had been flooded, roads had been closed and the forecast was 100% chance of 40-80mm rain that level of anxiety to create your usual magic sky rockets. In saying all of that I look back on my rainiest of rainiest of wedding with such fond memories, I love what is created and they have to be there with some of my favourite shots.

Luckily Willow Tree Estate was on higher ground than some other Hunter Valley venues and had the most beautiful back up wet weather plan. Belle & Jason rolled with the punches as the rain didn’t let up. We took the opportunity straight after the ceremony to dive right into location photos. Travis from hidden leaf productions/ umbrella holder man/ and all round good guy was a champion to work with. I CANNOT even deal with how sweet these two love birds are, the smiles that were on their faces the entire day made the weather conditions a bleep on the radar.

Belle & Jason have been together for over 10 years and grown together as couple since their teenage years and I had to share some of their sweet vows…

Jason ‘I promise to stay silly, to never take ourselves to seriously and stay immature enough to have pancakes for dinner and have a dance in the kitchen’

Belle ‘I could’ve never imagined that quiet boy from roll call, or the cute guy in the footy shorts, would become my perfect person, and the partner I want by my side for all of life’s adventures.

Have a scroll below to feel like you were there on the day, to see all the love and happiness and also the gumboots on the dancefloor! May you guys eat pancakes for dinner and dance in the kitchen for many years to come.

‘You are, quite simply, the perfect one for me’

Vendor Crew








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