Jenna & Bill

This is probably the longest blog post gallery I have ever done because I couldn’t not include every photo of this gorgeous girl laughing! Jenna has the ability to just light up the room and all of the people around her. The story of Jenna & Bill’s day has so much laughter and happiness as well as the tears! Happy tears! Looking through the end result of this Blog makes me so happy and inspired photographing weddings and creating memories that will be treasured beyond a lifetime. Only one small hiccup on the day but what’s a wedding if somebody doesn’t need to be sown into there dress because a zip breaks! I was in love with the room Jenna got ready in.. the simplicity is amazing! Jenna & Bill were married at Peppers anchorage Port Stephens on Friday 27th Feb where they were joined with a beautiful group of their family and friends who so obviously love them very much and created such a party atmosphere and happy memories.

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