Brie & Shane

My first visit to ‘The green Cathedral’ and you can take me back anytime! Such clever styling by the absolutely gorgeous Brie.  Her bridesmaid’s dresses and the flower arrangements (floweresque) complimented the setting so beautifully… everything worked so well together! I caught myself smiling so often while editing these photos.. ..

I have the pleasure of being apart of many weddings but when Brie & Shane came up to me throughout the wedding and said ‘this is the best day of our lives’ (ok maybe multiple times) it puts it all in perspective how lucky I am to be capturing their story.  Because at the end of the day the photos are what creates the memories of this day …. the best day of their lives. So much planning, so many dreams (and pinterest ideas hehehe) go into this day and this beautiful couple get to share it with the most amazing bunch of family and friends who so very obviously love them very much. Shane is such a humble guy and I don’t have enough fingers on both of my hands to count the amount of times I looked over to him and he had tears in his eyes not only when Brie made her way down the isle but also during the heartfelt speeches. You two are awesome…. enjoy the story of your day and I hope these images remind you of every minute of your incredible day. Nic x

One thought on “Brie & Shane

  1. Wow Nicole thank you so much for capturing Brie & Shane’s wedding as spectacular as you did. Your photos speak many words!! Thank you xo

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