Rachael & Mitch

I love when you meet a couple, you hit it off and you are excited about capturing their day months and months before. You wont meet a nicer couple than these guys. So totally and utterly in love and it shows in every image. Rach said something to me that really resinated with me ‘when I viewed the photos I felt like I was there, and my imagination took me to the places in the photos. I look at the photos you have done for us and I remember exactly what had happened and what we were saying at that point’. Meant a lot to me!

Rach & Mitch were married on Monday 16th May in Newcastle. The day didn’t go without a little drama but taking it all in their stride everything worked out perfect. Mitch turned up to the ceremony only to find it surrounded by temporary fencing. With a little strategy and me  secretly stalling Rach from her hotel, It was all hands on deck and the last of the temporary fencing was pulled down just as her car arrived!

The ceremony was beautiful and I loved capturing the way these two look at eachother. Equally as beautiful to capture was the emotion, tears and happiness by there beautiful family and friends.

Location photos were taken in and around Newcastle and the Reception was held at Harbourview where there was truly heart-warming speeches. A special mention must go to Rachs’ speech, it would have to be up there with one of the most lovely brides speeches I have heard. And what a lovely quality to have to be able to laugh at yourself and not take life to seriously.

It was a pleasure guys and I hope you love re-living your day through these images.

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