Nathan & Kara

This wedding was a little close to my heart and when the weather prediction was a major east coast low weather event I was not hopeful of achieving any outdoor photos! But with little breaks in the weather and an absolute trooper of a bride and groom we managed to get some gorgeous outdoor shots.

Nathan & Kara were married on the 4th June in the hunter valley. Sorry Nath but I think officially the most tears I have seen from a groom, you big softie you! Kara surprised Nathan with a car to pick him up from his cottage so the tears were a flowing early in the day!

It was a beautiful ceremony at peppers creek chapel and we managed some beautiful indoor and outdoor photos around the grounds. The bridal party were absolute legends and more than willing to battle whatever the weather was going to throw at us!

The reception was held at the incredible muse restaurant where they were entertained by the talented Master Blaster and the tears kept flowing with some heartfelt speeches but also included a bit of a roasting (aka Josh & Cain)!

Cracker of a way to end the season, thanks for having me Kara & Nath….



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