Kate & Storey

I was excited to share the story of their day before I had actually photographed it! I loved Kate & Storey’s e-shoot and knew their wedding would be awesome, I get along with these guys like I’ve known them for ages!. In my pre-wedding questionnaire I ask the couples “How did you meet?”… Their answer (well storey’s answer I think) ‘ A night out 6 years ago at The Belmore in Maitland- Storey was wearing a Hawaiian shirt, greasy hair and mo- Kate still isn’t sure why she gave him her number but its the best thing she ever did’.

The ceremony was held in Kate’s parents backyard and it was stunning! It was just the sweetest watching Kate and the girls excitement/anticipation being able to watch her groom and all the guests arrive from the bedroom upstairs. The ceremony was by the awesome Nell Dark-jones and I loved capturing the laughter, tears and smiles of guests.  

The reception was at The Lucky with a great party atmosphere. Storey, fair to say one of the best grooms speeches Ive heard in 6 1/2 years of photographing weddings. It was obvious that so much thought had gone into it and it was just the right mix of funny, sweet and heartfelt and some more funny! I loved capturing you two getting hitched and I loved hearing about your travels and your story about how you got to where you are today! I hope this blog brings back all those special memories, laughter and tears of your day.

Reception: The Lucky

Dress: Grace Loves Lace

Florist: The Naked Florist

Hair: Michelle Jackson Hair

Make-up: Loren Murnane Make-up

Celebrant: Nell Dark-Jones

Cake: Leah Andrews

Band: Daley Holliday

Arch: Whimsical Fox Events

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