A glance at 2017 weddings


I often get asked whether I get sick of photographing weddings…. and I honestly answer them with a big fat no! Each and every wedding is wonderfully unique and comes complete with its own collection of special moments that I am lucky enough to witness from behind my camera, capturing memories for the couple forever.

 It’s not the art of capturing perfectly picturesque images in impeccable light that has me addicted to wedding photography, but the really RAW moments that get you right in the feels that makes it all worthwhile – the ones that are truly once in a lifetime and pull on the heartstrings, as well as the spontaneous, crazy and downright hilarious that have everyone in stitches (it’s not uncommon for me to be wiping away happy or sad tears while I click away!).

Personally, I love capturing the grooms and their tears, (a special little mention to Kurtis here…. ), grandparents holding hands, and the incredibly special moments between brides and their dads – some of which I am given warning that the tears will be flowing, and others that are completely unexpected. And grandparents! Where do I start?! I love catching the quiet moments and cuddles, and seeing those who are no longer here remembered in the most special and sentimental ways, but nothing beats watching the ‘oldies’ rip up the dancefloor, dancing in their wheelchairs and getting dressed up in photo booth props!

No two weddings are ever the same and I never know what is going to be thrown at me next, and 2017 definitely didn’t disappoint! From a broken down Kombi and car accidents; to all day torrential rain, blazing sun or wind that threatened to blow me off Fort Scratchley; I met sausage dogs in bow ties; witnessed some pretty epic action on the dancefloor (some of which are R rated and will be staying in the vault!); and I could only stand by and watch in amazement as a bride stole a fishing rod from a fisherman and cast it out to catch her hubby in the water. And just when I think I’ve seen it all, the competition for bouquet tosses never ceases to amaze – it’s unbelievable how a few vinos and flowers flying through the air can release someone’s inner beast!

Only three weeks in and 2018 is already looking huge for me, both professionally and personally. In just a few short months I will be tripping around Australia with my beautiful family, excited to document my own memories and even dapple in a little bit of landscape and drone work. And last, but certainly not least, seeing the marriage laws in Australia finally change has me looking forward to working with LGBQTI couples on their wedding day.

 So a big thankyou to all of the couples who allowed me to be a part of their 2017 wedding day – I truly loved it!

Sit back and enjoy the highlight reel….



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