Charlotte & Scott

When I am editing I quite often imagine the couple sitting together looking through their gallery for the first time. And if the feels I get is anything to go by, I would love to be a fly on the wall in their home, I usually suggest a bottle of wine and a box of tissues! I have taken a little longer to get this gallery back to Charlotte and Scott, because I took about a gazillion images. Half of which, were the moves I witnessed on the dance floor! There were so many beautiful moments in front of my camera all day, and you couldn’t wipe the smiles of Charlotte & Scott’s faces. Apart from the moment Charlotte arrived at the chapel and I think Scott made us all cry! Actually, I take that back, before Charlotte had even arrived!  The styling of the reception was next level and I have listed all of the vendors below from this stunning wedding. Congratulations Charlotte & Scott!

Ceremony & Reception:









Wedding Stylist/decorator:



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