Jeenie & Justin

I love my job, I get to go to cool places, meet cool people and document their cool weddings! Jeenie & Justin were married at the gorgeous Moonan Flat (population 128) on the 26th Oct. The best way to describe this couple is ‘cute as pie’. And talking about pies, Jeenie made all of the amazing desserts, so much DIY at this wedding and it adds such a nice touch! More often than not, things don’t go to plan at weddings. It was blowing a gailing and the rains came about 1/2 hour before the ceremony was planned to start. We attempted to wait it out and left everything outside. Then we realised that the rain was sticking around for a bit so the arbour and all was moved inside the lodge. Then a glimmer of hope as it eased and the arbour was moved BACK out! But no! So after another move back and forward (including all of the guests, a total of 5 times) which in 8 years of photographing weddings set a record for me, we scored and the right call was made and the sun shone throughout their ceremony. Jeenie looked absolutely gorgeous and her smile would brighten up anyone’s day, you can literally feel the love oozing from these pics. I love the way Justin looks at her and I thankyou both for having me be apart of your day. Enjoy your story below…..

Ceremony & Getting Ready:

Reception: Moonan Flat Community Hall



Wedding Decorator: Jeenie’s mum Jane

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