Vanja, Michael, Max, Mia & Mila

I have been photographing newborns for over 9 years, people often ask….do you get sick of babies? In all honesty, every session is so different, every client and newborn is so different and you can create a little piece of magic with every single one.

I am blogging this one as it was extra special to me for a number of reasons. It is always so flattering when clients select you to capture such a special time in their life and then they travel with a brand new bubba to see you. Just quietly, those that usually travel, the baby sleeps in the car the whole way and then doesn’t want to play ball at all, but not Mila!

On top of that Vanja is a photographer herself which still spins me out she travelled to see me as quite obviously I am my own harshest critic.

Because Mila was such a little gem, it gave us the opportunity to capture some behind the scenes footage of the vibe in the studio that day. Talking about that, the love this family has for their new family member is indescribable.

On a lighter note, Mia decided before the session that she wanted to look like Matilda (the film) so thought she would have a red hot crack at cutting her own fringe, so she was pretty happy to hear my daughters name was Matilda. Just another moment to look back on and remember kids being kids, I think we have all been there!

We used a combination of white, cream and linen for a classic fresh timeless feel that will never date. Vanja, thankyou for having me capture these precious moments… ENJOY!

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